Inaugural exhibition @ Co Play

6 Orchard Road, #03-67/69 The Atrium @ Orchard

3 March – 2 April 2023

Wasuka Art and Co Play are excited to present “CoPop” for the inaugural exhibition at Co Play, a creative collaborative space located at The Atrium@Orchard. This pop-up exhibition features the works of five talented pop artists from Singapore (Andre Tan, Kin, and Margaret Lau), China (Piao Cheng Long), and Thailand (Buakow Phasom). With their distinct styles and unique perspectives, these artists bring a diverse range of pop art to the exhibition, each reflecting their individual personalities and the different cultures of their home countries.

The exhibition highlights the imagination and creativity of the three Singaporean artists, with Andre Tan commenting on the impact of popular brands and contemporary cultural icons in bright colors and witty humor, Kin presenting a colorful world of wonderful characters and surreal landscapes, and Margaret Lau depicting hyperealistic watercolor paintings of favorite local childhood snacks.

Joining them from China and Thailand, this exhibition debuts Piao Cheng Long and Buakow Phasom in Singapore.  Piao Cheng Long’s series of paintings explores the theme of love through hyper-realistic depictions of plush velvety objects, evoking feelings of comfort and joy in viewers. Buakow Phasom’scharming and quirky art utilizes chiaroscuro technique, inspired by Renaissance painters, to dramatize each composition and create a sense of three-dimensionality in figures, objects, and space.

Together, these five artists create a visually stunning exhibition that celebrates the launch of Co Play. We invite you to join us and support these talented artists at Co Play (6 Orchard Road, #03-67/69, The Atrium @ Orchard) from March 2nd to April 2nd, 2023.