Manuel ‘Murfin’ Delgado Diaz

Manuel Delgado Diaz aka ‘Murfin’ is a visual artist, illustrator, and up-and-coming urban artist. The Spanish artist and muralist has wowed audiences across Europe with exhibitions, art fairs and public mural projects. 

Despite his classical art training, his passion is the world of graffiti. His distinct visual style combines hyper-realistic drawings of cities and people with neo-colored urban spray art that is only described as futuristic and surreal. His work has drawn the attention of international brands such as Netflix, Nike, and Pepe Jeans London, with whom he has collaborated on product and store designs.

Manuel’s works are owned by celebrities from the sports, music, and film industries in Spain. He is one of the most prolific street artists, having been commissioned by both private and public sector organizations. His works can be found all over Spain. In 2021, the government of the region of Andalusia (South Spain) awarded Manuel with the Andalucía Joven 2020 Awards for his contribution in the promotion of arts and culture in Spain and abroad.