Piao Cheng Long

Piao Cheng Long’s artistry is imbued with love and positivity, an unmistakable theme that runs through his work. His compositions draw from the spirit of naive art, while his hyper-realistic depictions of plush velvety objects create a striking contrast that is both unexpected and endearing. His paintings are so life-like that one cannot help but feel compelled to reach out and touch the velvety textures, evoking a sense of coziness and warmth.

For Cheng Long, the choice of plush fabric as his subject matter is more than just an artistic decision. As a child and even now, he finds comfort and security in the softness and warmth of textiles, especially during troubled times. It is this personal connection to his subject matter that gives his paintings an added layer of intimacy.

Through his experimentation with personal objects, Cheng Long has found a way to paint his own autobiography. Each object is carefully chosen to represent a specific moment or memory, imbuing his work with a sense of personal history. As a result, his paintings not only capture the imagination but also touch the heart.