The work of Ekosaurio speaks to anyone who relates to nature; anyone who in some moment of their life has “stopped to smell the flowers”. Ekosaurio achieves this by creating a vegetal skin that inspires joy and serenity through color.

Ekosaurio is a Puerto Rican artist who started doing graffiti at the age of 15. Although he received his university degree in Environmental Design (BArch), his interest in art and design led him to pursue the fine art on his own. Ekosaurio considers himself a completely self-taught artist. With much hard work and commitment to his passion, he began creating public murals, in the capital of Puerto Rico in 2015.

Ekosaurio relocated to Barcelona in 2016 to pursue his master’s in design there. Since then, he has worked in a variety of fields, including graffiti, graphic design, architecture, and furniture design. His sources of inspiration are the colours seen in nature. Ekosaurio seeks to convey a contemporary urban setting that echoes the vitality and vigour of the natural world. The contrasting colors and organic forms his art excites our visual senses and imagination that may inspire us to preserve the beauty of nature, despite a burgeoning urbanscape.