An inaugural art exhibition in partnership with DAO.

10 November – 30 December 2022

Dao by Dorsett AMTD, Singapore

Wasuka Art is proud to present ‘Fleurism’ in partnership with DAO. This inaugural art exhibition, is part of Wasuka’s and Dao’s efforts to develop a nurturing space for local and international emerging artists, as well as an ecosystem of artists and art lovers to forge long-term friendships and a global support system for the arts. We hope to create a place where locals and visitors from all over the world can discover new talents and grow in their appreciation for art.

A world without plants is a world devoid of life, both literally and figuratively. In addition to serving as the basis for survival for all living things on Earth, plants are a significant source of creative expression. Plants have been depicted in art for as long as humans have been creating it. They have been used as decorative elements in wall murals, carvings, ceramics, and coins as far back as 4000 years in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Fleurism offers a contemporary perspective on flora and its many facets through a variety of visual concepts, styles, and techniques that have been thoughtfully interpreted by a group of local and international, aspiring and established artists.

The composition and narrative of a painting are what give it ‘oomph’ and uniqueness, telling a story about plants in a context that is personal to the artists. Beyond the aesthetics, Fleurism delves into our existentiality through the eloquent transformation of plants in art.