‘Transcending boundaries: An Existential Expression‘ Solo exhibition by Foo Kwee Horng

presented by Utterly Art x Wasuka Art

13 July – 16 August 2023

Dao by Dorsett AMTD, Singapore

6 Shenton Way, #07-01 OUE Downtown 1, Singapore 068809

“Transcending Boundaries: An Existential Expression” is a captivating solo art exhibition by Singaporean artist Foo Kwee Horng, showcasing his diverse artistic expressions. This exhibition delves into the artist’s introspective journey and the existential nature of his artistic practice. Featuring his latest series of abstract batik ink paintings on canvas, alongside landscape watercolors and representational oil paintings, the exhibition invites audiences to delve into the inner world of the artist and appreciate the multifaceted nature of artistic evolution.

Foo Kwee Horng effortlessly transitions between realism, representation, and abstraction, employing various mediums such as oil paint, watercolor, and batik ink. This fluidity allows him to authentically express his inner thoughts, emotions, and experiences, forging a profound connection between his art and the audience. Driven by an internal creative force, he fearlessly pushes the boundaries of his established style, consistently experimenting with new techniques and embracing innovative ways to communicate his artistic vision.

Retiring from teaching granted Foo newfound freedom and control over his artistic journey, rejuvenating his creativity and breathing new life into his artistic process. Notably, his latest series of abstract batik ink paintings on unprimed canvas showcase his adventurous spirit and the profound effects of his artistic introspection. In his latest series of paintings, Foo Kwee Horng explores the ethereal realm using the fluidity and translucency of these water-based inks. With a deliberate choice of colors, he creates distinct depth and perspective within each painted landscape. From the stark contrast of black and white to the warm allure of copper tones, Foo Kwee Horng boldly ventures into vibrant splashes of bright blue and red, infusing his artwork with a captivating and dynamic energy.

This exhibition also reveals the influence of travel on Foo Kwee Horng’s artistic expression. Inspired by the majestic mountain ranges encountered during his travels in Southeast Asian regions, the artist explores the concept of boundaries between sky, water, and land, and the horizon. Through diptychs, each artwork embodies the expansive reach of mountains, reaching out towards the sky, and conveys a sense of profound interconnectedness with the natural world.

“Transcending Boundaries: An Existential Expression” reveals not only Foo Kwee Horng’s profound appreciation for different landscapes in different countries but also his relentless pursuit of artistic growth. By pushing his own artistic boundaries, he invites viewers to join him on a journey of exploration, reflection, and the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.